Thursday, December 15, 2016

Michael Bennett hip thrusting gets a penalty

Ron Baker warm up shirt pokes Derrick Rose in the face.

JaVale McGee, Steph Curry on the bench reaction looking at one another

Steph Curry wins the jump ball against Joakim Noah

Steve Kerr tribute to Craig Sager

TNT tribute to Craig Sager

Frustrated Fred Hoiberg can't believe it reaction

Jason Kidd I see you reaction

Milwaukee Bucks mascot dressed like Craig Sager.

Dwyane Wade prior to the tip. Can't tell if he's emotional, or just sweat?

Giannis Antetokounmpo gets videobombed

Bobby Portis gets grabbed and still scores

Fred Hoiberg looks pissed

Gar Forman watching the Chicago Bulls getting crushed by the Milwaukee Bucks.

Pete Myers, Fred Hoiberg looking thrilled.

Tony Snell dunk

Tony Snell is loving this game against his former team the Chicago Bulls.

Fred Hoiberg wants Bobby Portis to switch

Jabari Parker dunk.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Derrick Rose with his 25th point, scoring on his former teammate Luol Deng.

Brandon Jennings show reaction

This kid can't stop dabbing

Eli Manning reaction

Kristaps Porzingis spins and scores, and 1

Kristaps Porzingis blocks

Halftime show guy jumping through hoops sliding into dm's

Kiss cam tongue action in Los Angeles

Derrick Rose playing well early 4-4 shot block too

Carmelo Anthony, Joakim Noah pick and roll. Noah dunk

Derrick Rose block on D'Angelo Russell

Alex Collins fumble at the end of the game and looking around for the ball.

Brett Hundley reaction

Aaron Rodgers is bored, yawning during Packers vs Seahawks game

Doug Baldwin tries to make a catch, ball goes of his helmet

Cardinal fans in the rain

Chicago Bears fan at Detroit Bears game can't watch anymore. Hello Darkness My Old Friend version.

John Fox reaction

Chicago Bears with two big catches in the clutch, but both taken away due to holding penalties.

Detroit Lions fan as a lion

Detroit Lions fan wants a high five does not get.

Matthew Stafford throws a pick 6 to Cre'Von LeBlanc

John Fox reaction

Matthew Stafford intercepted in the end zone by Demontre Hurst

Cameron Meredith touchdown from Matt Barkley

Jordan Howard with another nice run

Matthew Stafford playing Primus bass

Chicago Bears fan can't watch anymore wearing Bears jersey and helmet

Detroit Lions fan grooving