Friday, December 2, 2016

Jalen Rose talking about the Cleveland Cavaliers "import situation"

Dwyane Wade smacks LeBron James on the butt after making a shot.

Nikola Mirotic with good defense, blocks Kyrie Irving.

Dwyane Wade scores on LeBron James.

Chance the Rapper with Benny the Bull and Tommy Hawk

Blackhawks Tommy Hawk video bombing espn crew.

Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler laugh after Gibson missed dunk

Taj Gibson missed dunk. Foul called on Kevin Love. Taj Gibson has a laugh.

Rajon Rondo, Richard Jefferson having fun at the free throw line

Benny The Bull gets popcorn shower from other Chicago sport mascots

Chicago Bulls players dancing at the end of starting lineups, introductions. Dwyane Wade in the middle.

Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavaliers top 3 memorable moments.

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James friends.

Draymond Green kicks James Harden

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Few Chicago Blackhawk fans all smiles.

Adrian Peterson wants crowd noise.

Oh so pretty by Jamal Crawford.

Austin Rivers lol.

Had to rewind this and listen a few times, to determine if Chris Weber said something else

Paul Pierce troll face at LeBron James while shooting a free throw.

Tyronn Lue everything ok?

LeBron James gets a technical foul

Doc Rivers reaction probably watched Tiger Woods return today.

Tiger Woods reaction

Tiger Woods puts on his sunglasses. Deal with it.

Tiger Woods getting first bumps prior to his return.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Derrick Rose, Tom Thibodeau greet one another.

Kendall Gill, Mark Schanowski talking about the Lakers fan behind them earlier during the game

Jimmy Butler didn't seem to like this question about being double teamed by the Lakers

Marshall Plumlee, Gorgui Dieng reactions

Los Angels Lakers fan videobomb dancing behind Kendall Gill and Mark Schanowski

Dwyane Wade spin cycle, and euro step plays

Dwyane Wade euro step and scores.

Dwyane Wade a beautiful bucket.

Denzel Valentine no look pass to Robin Lopez.

Isaiah Canaan dunk. Not as good as his alley oop that didn't count the other week.

Chuck Garfien showing the Nikola Mirotic Chia pet.

Nikola Mirotic with a rough sequence.

Jimmy Butler steal, Rajon Rondo feeds Taj Gibson who dunks.

J. R. Smith distracted by Jason Terry. Tony Snell gets an easy dunk.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Kansas City Chiefs win in Overtime. Made field goal doinks and goes in. Down goes Broncos mascot Miles.

Oakland Raiders fans always go over the top

Raiders fan with skeleton bandana

And More Oakland Raider fans. This one wearing a gorilla suit.

Khalil Mack picks off Cam Newton. Pick 6

More Raider fans. Those contacts!

Oakland Raiders fan

Oakland Raiders fan wearing a Jack mask

Greg Olsen pass from Cam Newton hits him on the helmet

Marquette King dabbing after the punt.

Josh Bellamy drops a catch in the end zone.

Chicago Bears with a high snap goes over Matt Barkley and Jordan Howard. Added Crying Michael Jordan to football.

Marquess Wilson drops a touchdown in the end zone and kicks the ball right into a Soldier Field staff members ass.

Chicago Bear fans looking thrilled to be at the game.

Chicago Bears recover the onside kick.

Matt Barkley interception in the end zone.

Kid dancing during Sixers, Cavs game.

Kevin Love took a shot above his eye.

Bears recover onside kick. Super bowl, super bears!

Marcus Mariota touchdown pass to Rishard Matthews.

CBS feed on the Bears, Titans game lost audio for about a 1:30. To bad it wasn't video also.

Nice boxing out Sixers. LeBron James dunk off the missed Tristan Thompson free throw.

Matt Barkley picked off.

Sixers beating the Cavs. Fred McLeod, Austin Carr talking about Mike Dunleavy after getting blocked.

Chicago Bears fan eating fail.

John Fox giving the OK sign reaction on the sideline.

Another person fan wearing a bear suit. Geddy Lee enjoying a beer in the back.

Bears fan wearing a Bear suit. Sorry you just don't look intimidating.

Jay Cutler reaction on sideline.