Friday, March 25, 2016

Steph Curry on the bench reacts to everyone on the Warriors hitting 3 pointers against the Mavericks.

Steph Curry shimmy after a deep 3 pointer.

Anderson Varejao purple drank

Steph Curry has an open look for 3. Klay Thompson raises his hands celebrating thinking Steph was shooting. Kerr has a laugh.

Al Michael watching Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks.

Fat guy in a bunny outfit tries distracting Jonas Valanciunas.

Marcin Gortat misses both free throws this was what he did afterwards.

Young Washington Wizards fan reacts to Zach LaVine making back to back 3 pointer.

Ric Flair watching the Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks game.

Benny The Bull

Trombone player in Oregon band dabs.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Maryland player loves his fingers.

Jose Calderon lob from 3 point line (other side) to Derrick Williams. Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks 3-24-16

Derrick Rose with another great reverse lay in. Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks 3-24-16

Fred Hoiberg with his 2nd tech of the season. Stacey King speaking the truth about Taj.

Justin Tuck watching the Bulls vs Knicks game.

Carmelo Anthony loves the basketball.

Derrick Rose glides and scores. Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks 3-24-16

Derrick Rose dunked for the first time this season. Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks 3-24-16

Derrick Rose with a smooth reverse lay in. Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks 3-24-16

Jimmy Butler zoomed in reaction after Doug McDermott dunk smaller version

Draymond Green goes in to dump water on Steph Curry. Curry escapes.

DeAndre Jordan reaction after Steph Curry 3 pointer.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Chris Paul goes one on one against Steph Curry. Steph steals the ball.

Klay Thompson's pass goes into the seats. ESPN's Dave Pasch throws shade at Colin Kaepernick.

Chris Paul running 3 pointer before the end of the 3rd quarter.

Golden State Warrior fan is all decked out in gold.

Andrew Bogut wanted a 3 second call on DeAndre Jordan.

Steph Curry steal on J. J. Redick, left-hand pass to Draymond Green who dunks.

Steph Curry with his usual shot ritual prior to tipoff.

Steph Curry scores on DeAndre Jordan.

Chris Paul lob to DeAndre Jordan.

Steph Curry pounds the court.

Pau Gasol waiting to check into the game stretches out and shakes. Lady behind Pau gives hims a look.

Kurt Rambis.

Fred Hoiberg cracks his neck.

Carmelo Anthony looking confused at the free throw line.

Bobby Portis, Tony Snell on the bench. This screenshot of Tony Snell is not photoshop'd.

Monday, March 21, 2016

DeMarcus Cousins on Nikola Mirotic on Bulls possession. Nikola Mirotic on DeMarcus Cousins on Kings possession.

Benny The Bull kisses a fan.

Bulls win! Lady falls behind Fred Hoiberg but beer is safe.

Pau Gasol thought he had a 3 pointer, and reacts.

DeMarcus Cousins reaction after Mike Dunleavy 3 pointer.

Pau Gasol thumbs up reaction.

Indiana Pacers fan is feeling it.

Bobby Portis reaction after Doug McDermott 3 pointer.

Chicago Bulls with nice ball movement ends in a dunk.

Benny The Bull behind Chuck Garfien.

Pau Gasol during National Anthem.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Crying Michael Jordan added to Bill Murray.

Bill Murray affter Bronson Koenig game winner.

Xavier fan praying before Bronson Koenig makes the game winner.

Bronson Koenig game winner.

Oklahoma Player shaking

VCU band director rips off his shirt and flexes.

Oklahoma player cooking.

Stephen F. Austin fans in shock

Thomas Walkup miss on one end, and Rex Pflueger tip in wins it for Notre Dame.

Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks coach Brad Underwood fist pump.

Kenny Smith showing off the handles.

Villanova fan is hyped. Villanova moving on.