Saturday, September 5, 2015

Nick Saban clapping good job reaction. Alabama vs Wisconsin 9-5-15.

Nick Saban wants his players to still, uh play. Alabama vs Wisconsin 9-5-15.

Charlie Strong struggle face reaction. Texas vs Notre Dame 9-5-15.

Rafael Gaglianone reaction to hitting the upright. Alabama vs Wisconsin 9-5-15.

Wisconsin Rafael Gaglianone's kick hits the upright, DOINK. Alabama vs Wisconsin 9-5-15.

Alabama play calls Seattle Supersonic and Tasmanian Devil cartoon. Edited with Undertaker. Alabama vs Wisconsin 9-5-15.

This ref making Ed Hochuli look small. Texas vs Notre Dame 9-5-15.

Nebraska sideline reaction, one of the coaches falling to his knees, looks at the camera. BYU vs Nebraska 9-5-15.

BYU defeats Nebraska completing the hail marry pass. BYU vs Nebraska 9-5-15.

Gus Malzahn reaction. Auburn vs Louisville 9-5-15.

Peyton Barber torn pants shaped like a heart. Auburn vs Louisville 9-5-15.

Kyle Queiro's interception in the end zone seals the victory. Stanford vs Northwestern 9-5-15.