Saturday, April 26, 2014

It's Mike Miller Time

Lebron James dunk looking at the GOAT Michael Jordan while throwing down a dunk?

Chris Douglas-Roberts lay-in Michael Jordan reaction

Vince Carter game winning 3 point shot against the Spurs with reaction

Pero Antic desperation shot might have been better off with Kyle Korver

Taj Gibson alley oop

Troy Daniels the rookie makes a clutch 3 on a crazy sequence

Damian Lillard blows by the great defender in Harden *sarcastic* lays it in with his left.

Damian Lillard circus shot

Jose Abreu's grand slam in the 9th winning the game

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LaMarcus Aldridge gets his 41st point on this dunk

Patrick Kane goal

Andrew Shaw goal on the power play tips it in

Dwight Howard is showing flashes of his old self.

Lebron James takes a shot from Josh McRoberts to his neck/throat area

Miami Heat mascot fans with Bosh head Birdman wings in crowd

Gerald Henderson block on Haslem

Referee tries to pretend he took the charge against Lebron James also

Birdman dunk

Gerald Henderson baseline dunk