Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ibaka block leads to an easy Kevin Durant dunk

Reggie Jackson long pass hits Durant who lays it in

Derek Fisher bullet pass to Kevin Durant hits the 3 pointer

Ibaka block on Courtney Lee

Paul George turnover

Jeff Teague cross and 3 on Evan Turner

Pero Antic David West having a chat

Paul George turnover Kyle Korver lay-in before half

Kyle Korver blocked Roy Hibbert twice

Lance Stephenson behind back dribble step back shot

Glen Davis reaction to foul being called

Blake Griffin dumps water on fan

Barret Jackman winner in OT

Brent Seabrook hit on David Backes

Michal Rozsival goal

Brent Seabrook goal

Kid left hanging at the Clippers Warriors playoff game

DeAndre Jordan's two blocks on David Lee

Andre Iguodala reaction to foul called

Steph Curry goes down hard

Jamal Crawford half court shot @ the end of the first quarter

Corey Crawford save on breakaway

2014 NBA game relying on a cheap horn with no shot clock

Kyle Lowry gets the call on Deron Williams

Patrick Patterson dunk

Kyle Lowry 3 pointer at the end of the 3rd period

Bogut Blake Griffin pushing each other

Toronto fan

Deron Williams foul

Paul Pierce and 1

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Alexander Steen game winner in triple OT

Joel Quenneville wants a penatly called doesn't get the call & lets the refs know how he feels

Jonathan Toews takes a hit

Brandon Saad pushes Maxim Lapierre into the goal who saves the game

Bryan Bickell goes face first into the boards

Corey Crawford glove save

Niklas Hjalmarsson check on David Backes

Corey Crawford with another save

Corey Crawford save

Patrick Kane goal

Brent Seabrook goal

Johnny Oduya goal

Lebron James Joakim Noah block artwork

Kirk Hinrich fouls out on this call

Michael Jordan at the Bulls vs Bobcats game