Friday, February 21, 2014

Robin Lopez photobombed by cheerleader

Robin Lopez ends game with a dunk

Terry Stotts wearing plaid jacket in honor of Jack Ramsey

Tom Thibodeau even with an impressive Bulls win is freaking out still

D. J. Augustin gets in on the fun. 3 pointer

Tony Snell's 20th point- 3 pointer

James Johnson dunk off backboard

Tony Snell gets fouled hard by Kenneth Faried- Joakim Noah gives him a shove

Derrick Rose coaching Tony Snell

Jimmy Butler circus shot- injures rib(s). Chicago Bulls vs Denver Nuggets.

USA Eagle reverse

Rob Ford happy after Women hockey victory

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dwight Howard 3 point reaction on bench looped.

Tim Hardaway J.R. dunk

Jimmy Butler with his 2nd block on DeMar DeRozan. Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors.

Jimmy Butler block on DeMar DeRozan. Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors.

D. J. Augustin deep 3 pointer.

Tyler Hansbrough Mike Dunleavy JR get tangled up.

Joakim Noah behind back pass.

DeMar DeRozan dunk

Tyler Hansbrough Nazr Mohammed get tangled up

Joakim Noah rolling to the basket. Mike Dunleavy J.R. finds him

John Calipari reaction