Friday, February 14, 2014

NBA rising stars MVP trophy presentation doesn't go very well

Arizona coach Sean Miller struggle face

Arizona State block and score knocks off Arizona

Kevin Durant James Harden reaction

Tim Hardaway J.R. and Dion Waiters go one on one with 3's.

Old Spice commercial

Tim Hardaway J.R. dunk

Anthony Davis block one end dunk on the other

James Harden

Arnie Duncan no look pass

Snoop Dogg 3 tries to cool off hand

Kevin Hart left hand around Bowen

ESPN's Mike Golic misses an easy shot

Nazr Mohammed on Bulls bench

Olympics O Canada flag waiver, Russian cheerleader

Olympics Ryan Getzlaf goal

Olympics Jeff Carter hat trick

Olympics Canada Shea Weber goal

Mike D'Antoni

Russell Westbrook reaction to Durant bucket

Chris Kaman and 1

Kevin Durant cold blooded

Steve Blake and 1

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Joakim Noah behind the back pass

Joakim Noah & Taj Gibson celebrate

Joakim Noah hugging Jimmy Butler preventing him from going after Joe Johnson. Chicago Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets

Joe Johnson pokes Jimmy Butler in the face. Chicago Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets.

Joakim Noah hustle

Jimmy Butler reverse off the glass. Chicago Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets.

Lebron James hanging around

Kobe swag

Wes Welker old spice commercial

Olympics Canada Drew Doughty goal.

Olympics Canada Jamie Benn goal. Assist Patrice Bergeron.